Ben Carson Reveals He Once Operated On His Own Brain

Ben Carson Reveals He Once Operated On His Own Brain

Potential Conservative presidential candidate and former neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has revealed he once operated on his own brain because he felt he needed to remove the parts that made him black according to excerpts from his latest book The White Way Is […]

8 October 2014 · Politics, USA
GOP Supports Obama Impeachment For ‘Uppityness’

GOP Supports Obama Impeachment For ‘Uppityness’

Over two thirds of the Republican party support Obama’s impeachment on the grounds of ‘uppityness’ a poll revealed today. Other reasons put forth by Republicans for impeachment include ‘he’s not one of us’, ‘he doesn’t know his place’, ‘he doesn’t belong here’ and […]

16 July 2014 · Politics, USA
Poll: 89 Percent Of Whites Think Blacks Caused Global Warming

Poll: 89 Percent Of Whites Think Blacks Caused Global Warming

A poll conducted by the Poo Research Center found that the majority of white Americans believe black people are responsible for global warming and cancer. The poll exposed other surprising and controversial opinions among white Americans such as 82 percent think blacks were […]

3 July 2014 · Politics, USA
Reparations Article Linked To GOP Rage Outbreak

Reparations Article Linked To GOP Rage Outbreak

A compelling and impassioned article arguing in favor of reparations for African Americans is linked to a recent spate of GOP rage outbreaks around the country. The article, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates in this month’s Atlantic magazine, puts forth a highly-persuasive case for […]

23 June 2014 · Politics, USA
Man Arrested For Farting While Black

Man Arrested For Farting While Black

A New York office block was on high alert last night as a brave young woman, Linda Weimuller, foiled a possible terrorist plot at the last minute due to her swift actions. Her colleague Leonard Jackson was arrested on suspicion of terrorist farting. […]

12 June 2014 · Politics, USA
10 GOP Reactions To Beats Sale

10 GOP Reactions To Beats Sale

Conservatives across America responded with anger and bitterness at the news that Apple paid $3bn for Beats Headphones thus making rapper and producer Dr. Dre hip-hop’s first billionaire. The responses range from utter jealously to outright bemusement. Here’s a selection of the worst […]

31 May 2014 · Music, Politics, USA
"Hell is not working out so well for me."

Hitler Happy With Euro Elections

Adolf Hitler released a statement from his home in the depths of Hell praising the results of the 2014 Euro Elections. In the statement, Hitler expressed immense satisfaction that his ideas have taken hold among the European people and he hopes the enemy […]

26 May 2014 · Europe, Politics
"He's one of us now. Almost."

Black Republicans Rebrand As ‘Colored’

In an effort to distinguish themselves from the majority of Black Americans and to become more electable to white voters in advance of the 2016 elections, Black republicans have rebranded themselves as ‘colored’. At a packed press conference held at the party headquarters […]

23 May 2014 · Politics, USA
"What's wrong with a good English breakfast?"

UKIP Claims Eating Halal Turns You Muslim

“One bite and you’re one of them,” says Nigel Farage, leader of the far-right UK Independence Party (UKIP) as he warned England against eating halal meat. The controversial politician claims that eating the meat will turn you Muslim and that such foods have […]

15 May 2014 · Europe, Politics
Come and join us.

Applications To Become White Now Open

Applications for a non-white group to become white are now being accepted by the World Racial Classification Agency for the first time since the beginning of the last century. Groups not considered white or fully white can now apply for full whiteness which […]

1 May 2014 · Politics