GOP Supports Obama Impeachment For ‘Uppityness’


“Call me uppity one more time and I’ll drone your ass.”

Over two thirds of the Republican party support Obama’s impeachment on the grounds of ‘uppityness’ a poll revealed today. Other reasons put forth by Republicans for impeachment include ‘he’s not one of us’, ‘he doesn’t know his place’, ‘he doesn’t belong here’ and ‘who the hell does he think he is?’.

GOP Rep. Dennis Presshouse who commissioned the poll said: “We feel Obama should most definitely be impeached for ‘behaving in a manner grossly incompatible with the proper function and purpose of the office’ or in other words ‘uppityness’.”

GOP Rep. Andrea Hodder added: “The man is out of control. First he provided healthcare for uninsured citizens then he eliminated the world’s most wanted man Osama Bin-Laden now he’s supporting our brave veterans with tax credits and tuition assistance.

“He’s trying to make all Americans prosperous and successful and that’s not the kind of America I want to live in. No sir.”

Many Republicans in the south of the country suggest Obama needs to be dealt with swiftly in a manner befitting ‘one of them’ without going into detail as to what they meant exactly.

African American Republicans also support the President’s impeachment with the majority suggesting things would be better for people like Obama if they listened to their superiors and stop trying to get ideas above their station.

‘Uppityness’ has never been used as a reason for a presidential impeachment but with the prevailing mood of dumbassness and tomfoolery currently gripping the nation anything is possible.

When asked what’s next for the country if the President is impeached, Rep. Dennis Presshouse replied: “Once we take back our country we’re going to impeach Eric Holder for the same reasons.”

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