"What's wrong with a good English breakfast?"

UKIP Claims Eating Halal Turns You Muslim

“One bite and you’re one of them,” says Nigel Farage, leader of the far-right UK Independence Party (UKIP) as he warned England against eating halal meat. The controversial politician claims that eating the meat will turn you Muslim and that such foods have […]

15 May 2014 · Europe, Politics
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Applications To Become White Now Open

Applications for a non-white group to become white are now being accepted by the World Racial Classification Agency for the first time since the beginning of the last century. Groups not considered white or fully white can now apply for full whiteness which […]

1 May 2014 · Politics
"Only 10 hours till lunch."

Republicans Launch Back To Work Scheme For Blacks

The Republican Party today unveiled an ambitious new Back To Work program to completely eliminate unemployment among African Americans should they win the 2016 election. The new program entitled Every Negro Shall Love And Value Employment will provide full-time, permanent work for every […]

30 April 2014 · Politics, USA
"Where the white man at?"

KKK To Target Whites

The KKK announced today that they will expand their hate activities towards white people for the first time. The notorious hate group, who terrorized communities for over a century through intimidation, night raids and murder are now turning their hatred toward whites, a […]

21 April 2014 · Politics, USA