KKK To Target Whites

The Klan

“Where the white man at?”

The KKK announced today that they will expand their hate activities towards white people for the first time.

The notorious hate group, who terrorized communities for over a century through intimidation, night raids and murder are now turning their hatred toward whites, a group previously ignored by them and other far right groups. In the past the Klan’s hatred was primarily aimed at Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Asians but now that’s about to change.

Grand Wizard of the Arkansas Chapter Gerald Fox said: “I’m not one for conspiracy theories but it’s clear to me that whites dominate most of the world and have been spreading their white supremacist agenda for over a thousand years. Whites are everywhere and if you look closely, you don’t have to try hard, you will find they control everything. Come to think of it my whole world view is based on conspiracy theories”.

He grunted further: “With that kind of power who knows what havoc they can wreak. We’re talking wars, genocide, environmental damage, espionage, and even manipulating the financial markets for their own greed. In fact, I was shocked when I realized just how much these so called whites own”.

White people, who are mainly concentrated in Europe, North America and the Oceania regions, have more combined wealth than any other group and have at times been accused of oppressing others in their march towards world domination.

Fox dribbled on: “Whites live in the best neighborhoods, go to the best schools, have access to the best shopping facilities and education. For years their corrupt network has secretly favored other whites for jobs, university places and certain political parties dominated by whites even try and favor other white people when in power”.

Many Klan members noted that President Obama, or the Monster-In-Chief as they call him, has both white and black blood flowing through his veins which makes him twice as dangerous. They say he’s 200% evil while displaying a staggering misunderstanding of how percentages work.

Fox added: “They are everywhere silently controlling everything even in places like Africa and the Middle East. This group has been forcing it’s pro-white agenda throughout the world for at least 4,000 years and now they’ve been found out.”

“Now we are aware of their diabolical agenda to dominate the world we must be vigilant to their threat while spreading the word about their activities.”

“We’re always on the lookout for undercover whites trying to infiltrate our group to promote their pro-white agenda. More of our members are under the microscope as some of them too could be white. It only takes one drop of white blood and you’re one of them. We don’t know. No one is beyond suspicion. Even me.”

The Klan will now send out a rallying call to all its members to take the country back from all the mongrel races including Blacks, gays, Jews and now the whites. Their hatred now covers every person on the planet and dealing with this amount of people will be an uphill struggle.

Fox finished by saying: “Now more than ever we need to up our membership. If you’re not a White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Gay or Arab person then you’re welcome to join us and fight the racial holy war against the lesser races.”