‘We Demand To See Trevor Noah’s Birth Certificate’ Say Fox News

‘We Demand To See Trevor Noah’s Birth Certificate’ Say Fox News

Fox News claim they have irrefutable evidence that comedian and new Daily Show host Trevor Noah was born in Africa it was revealed last night. An anonymous spokesman for the channel said: “We have it on very good authority that this Trevor Noah […]

7 April 2015 · Africa, Film & TV, USA

Black History Month Renamed Black History Millennium

Now that Black History Month is coming to a close, all black people across the globe, except Ben Carson, have agreed to extend this month’s celebrations and teachings until the year 3015. Professor Terrence Qualify, Head of World Black History at the University […]

26 February 2015 · Africa, Europe, USA
USA Wins Top Prize At World Racism Awards

USA Wins Top Prize At World Racism Awards

The United States of America triumphed at the inaugural World Racism Awards last night picking up a total of five awards including the much-coveted Most Racist Country In The World Award and the Most Racist Police In History Award. The star-studded event, held […]

5 December 2014 · Africa, Europe, Film & TV, USA
Oscar Pistorius Interested In Joining US Police

Oscar Pistorius Interested In Joining US Police

Convicted killer Oscar Pistorius has expressed an interest in becoming a police officer in one of the many United States police departments upon completion of his sentence for shooting to death his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day last year. Pistorius, who could get up […]

15 September 2014 · Africa
Internet Now 80% Racism

Internet Now 80% Racism

The Internet is now made up of 80% racism, say experts, who researched the entire Internet to find out what people spend so much of their time doing when their faces are stuck to iPhones for so long. Originally invented by the US […]

5 September 2014 · Africa, Europe, USA
The Pigs Are Out Of Control!

The Pigs Are Out Of Control!

Pigs all over the world over are out of control, say experts, as the foul swine continue to attack and kill defenseless people at an alarming rate. Professor James Foxgrace of the MIT Pig Faculty explains: “Pig violence is increasing because they are […]

28 July 2014 · Africa, Europe, USA
A Letter From A Girl In Tanzania

A Letter From A Girl In Tanzania

To all the students about to volunteer in my country Tanzania and other African countries this summer, I just wanted to say a few words and to thank you for coming over to help us ‘poor downtrodden Africans’ even though we didn’t ask […]

19 June 2014 · Africa
May the taunts be with you.

Too Many Blacks In Star Wars Say Geeks

Enraged dorks stormed the Internet today to express displeasure at the ‘outrageous’ number of blacks cast in the new JJ Abrams Star Wars movie. Lupita Nyong’o and John Boyega are currently the only two blacks cast in the film but for some pig-ignorant, […]

3 June 2014 · Africa, Film & TV, USA
"Do you have any oil we could buy?"

Human Zoo Opens In Congo

Africa’s first Human Zoo opened in the Democratic Republic of Congo today to give locals a rare chance to observe the strange people of Norway in their natural habitat. A complete family of healthy Norwegians was shipped over from lightest Europe for the […]

30 May 2014 · Africa, Europe
"Damn, why did I get a Black judge?"

Classic ‘Black Man’ Defense Not Working For Oscar Pistorius

The defense team in the Oscar Pistorius trial have admitted to using the classic ‘I thought it was a black man’ defense which has worked well in similar trials. The ‘I thought it was a black man’ defense is popular among white South […]

3 May 2014 · Africa