USA Wins Top Prize At World Racism Awards

Racism Award

American Exceptionalism.

The United States of America triumphed at the inaugural World Racism Awards last night picking up a total of five awards including the much-coveted Most Racist Country In The World Award and the Most Racist Police In History Award.

The star-studded event, held in the grounds of the historic Rosedown Plantation in Louisiana, attracted an outspoken, fee-paying audience of Tea Party members, Republicans, Eastern Europeans and various other Aryans.

The Most Racist Country Award is given to the country who has consistently and systematically oppressed sections of their own population and other countires due to their race while ensuring white people continue to dominate.

The judges chose America for exceptional performance in the areas of white supremacy, police brutality, lynching, race-based incarceration, genocide, slavery, hatred, discrimination, dehumanization, cultural theft, land appropriation and scientific racism.

Senior judge James McHitler said: “It’s difficult to find another country more committed to the denigration and destruction of people of color than the USA. They are a beacon to racists all over the world and have led by example in how to create a justice system that maintains white privilege above all else.”

Other winners on the night included Australia who picked up the Stolen Country Award, Sweden who picked up the Racism Denial Award, the UK who picked up the Colonization Award and a special award was bestowed upon Germany for Services To Racism for their outstanding work during WWII.

South Africa scooped the Historical Award for the period between 1948 to 1994.

The awards were sponsored by Fox News channel who transmitted the ceremony live on their cable ‘news’ channel.