Black History Month Renamed Black History Millennium

Black History Millennium


Now that Black History Month is coming to a close, all black people across the globe, except Ben Carson, have agreed to extend this month’s celebrations and teachings until the year 3015.

Professor Terrence Qualify, Head of World Black History at the University of Creative Studies said: “One month is far too short a time to cram in thousands of years of our peoples’ history, so we’ve decided to rename Black History Month to Black History Millennium starting today.

“This will give white folks just enough time to really learn about black people especially if your name is Giuliana Rancic or Kristi Capel or you live in Oregon.

“We believe that black history should be taught to everyone until black history is coming out of your ears. And if it does come out of your ears we’ll teach it to you again until it stays in your head.”

During Black History Millennium schools and colleges will be forbidden from teaching any other history unless it’s got a black person in it.

The professor continued: “Everyone has to pass a black history test and if they don’t pass they will lose the right to vote. Or the right to food. Or something.”

As well as extending Black History Month, a new White History Month will be introduced to appease angry whites who feel left out.

The first ever annual White History Month begins just as soon as Black History Millennium is over although the professor might rename it White History Day instead.