White Man Viciously Beats Up Black Man


The more he punched, the more they cheered.

Hundreds of onlookers gathered as a white man viciously attacked and beat a Black man until he fell to the floor covered in blood. No one knows what caused the brawl but there are indications this might’ve been a pre-planned attack. An unknown man dressed in a black and white striped t-shirt stopped the fight from escalating as the Black victim’s friends helped him to his feet to tend to his cuts.

Remarkably, the entire fight was caught on camera by a crew who just happened to have their equipment nearby. Even more remarkably the full ruckus was transmitted live on television on a popular pay-per-view television channel.

The attack occurred in a place commonly referred to as ‘the ring’ where the Black man was standing apparently minding his own business. Fortuitously, both men wore thick winter gloves which probably lessened the damage of the beating which was quite fierce. Throughout the clash some members of the crowd knew who the white assailant was as they kept on shouting out his name as if to support him while he was pummeling the Black victim.

A spectator named Fred Lowes said: “Suddenly this white fella starts beating the Black man up for no apparent reason. It was sickening. There were loads of other people egging him on. They really wanted blood and they got it.”

The violence went on for three minute bursts before stopping and then resuming for another three minutes. Eventually the black man was punched to the floor and covered in blood, then the attack ceased when the man in the striped T-shirt stepped in to break up the fight. The white attacker seemed to relish the violence he meted out as he held his hands up and cheered. But he began to show remorse and approached the Black man before hugging him in a show of reconciliation. Who knows what was said during this exchange but it was most likely a word of warning to stay out of this neighborhood or suffer the consequences. Or something like that.

Throughout the vicious mauling the police never came and the motive for the attack is still unclear with race-hate being the most likely explanation. Minutes after the confrontation the attacker left with the rest of his gang and drove off in a Rolls Royce.

Fred Lowes continued: “The sad thing about this is no one tried to stop it. Is this what our society has come to?”

The police turned a blind eye to this incident and no arrests were made. They were unavailable for comment. Recordings of the incident are currently being shown on TV.

Image: joyfull / Shutterstock.com