CNN Host: Why Aren’t Ferguson Police Using Lynching?


The dumbest name in news.

In a segment on the use of tear gas at the Ferguson protests, CNN Anchor Rosemary Church asked why police are using this strategy instead of hanging by the neck until dead to disperse crowds.

Church asked a reporter: “Talk to us about what police are saying to you. Why are they using this strategy? Why the use of tear gas, stun grenades? Why not perhaps use lynching from a tree?”

Church seemed genuinely befuddled by what was happening in Ferguson while at the same time displaying a deeply disturbing lack of knowledge regarding the history of black protest in America.

When Church asked the staggeringly ill-informed question, her co-anchor Errol Barnett glanced at her despairingly with an expression that said ‘what the hell am I doing working with these appalling imbeciles?’.

Later that day Barnett tweeted: “What the hell am I doing working with these appalling imbeciles?”.

Church was last seen lying down in a darkened room, weeping and gently rocking back and forth while reciting Martin Luther King’s I have A dream speech over and over again.

A CNN spokesman said this was normal behavior for anchors once they come off air and that Church will be back on our screens as normal the following day.

During the segment Church also asked why the police weren’t wearing their klan robes and why they weren’t using whips, neck chains and shackles.