‘UKIP Voters Not Smart Enough To Vote’ Fears Farage

Brain Free Zone


The UKIP leader Nigel Farage is deeply concerned that many of his prospective voters might not have the proper mental capacity and basic intelligence to vote for his party come election day.

Farage, who was busy goose-stepping across the country to drum up support, admits that UKIP voters are either hateful, salivating racists or boneheaded, mentally unstable imbeciles and he says the latter group cannot be depended on to get it right on the day.

“I think I’m perfectly capable of voting,” says UKIP voter Freddy Boxton, a micro-brained bouncer from Barrow Hill, Essex while dribbling his breakfast down his already spit-soiled shirt.

“I have to vote because it’s high time they sent the Poles back to Romania where they belong.

“I don’t recognize my country anymore since Tony Blair introduced Sharia law and gay rights to my kids.

“There’s only 90% white people left in our great country and that’s almost zero so I have to vote before it’s too late.”

UKIP voter Amy Scarsdale, a deranged pensioner and Women’s Institute member from Debden in Essex held similar opinions.

“If I manage to vote UKIP correctly, does it mean they’ll come and take away Mr. Khan from next door?

“I do hope so because the way he says good morning to me wreaks of Islamic fundamentalism.

“He’s married to a nice English girl you know.

“She’s probably become one of them by now if you know what I mean.

“Feminists! That’s what I mean.”

Farage admits that going for the moron vote was an easy tactic.

Concentrating on the educated vote would’ve been difficult as educated people have at the very least a rudimentary grasp of history, economics, politics and bullshit.