UKIP To Stop Immigrants From Voting If They Get Into Power


England über alles!

UKIP leader Nigel Farage says that if he rises to power in the general election he will stop immigrants from voting in all future elections as he believes these people should not have a say in how an Englishman runs his country.

Farage warns that the huge numbers of immigrants in the UK will vote to close all pubs, ban all dogs and cover up all womens’ smutty bits with extra clothing.

“Once we’re in power it’s only right that the good, honest, hard-working British people get preferential voting rights as the country belongs to us and not them.” Said Farage.

“I have nothing against democracy but it’s clearly not working correctly if we lose this election.

“So if we win the election democratically we will seek to remove the right to vote from people we don’t like the look of.

“We call this democracy in action. Or democracy UKIP style.”

If he gets into power Farage will also consider switching to a more dictatorial type of government and he might get rid of voting altogether because he says it’s too expensive and cumbersome.

In addition, if he does triumph at the elections he will hold a celebration rally in his wife’s birthplace while driving around in an open top vehicle.