Terrified Residents Flee For Their Lives Due To Outbreak Of Swimming

McKinney cops

A police officer taking a cool-headed approach to the situation.

Terrified residents were forced to flee in panic when a group of kids, all of whom are still at school, started openly swimming in a swimming pool wearing swimming costumes and swimming trunks according to reports.

The brazen act took place in the quiet Texas town of McKinney on the outskirts of Dallas where locals have thus far been protected from such a horrifying display of swimming in their otherwise safe and idyllic neighborhood.

A concerned homeowner who wishes to remain anonymous witnessed the terror unfold.

“First they started undressing until they were covered in nothing more than their so-called swimwear which I must say they wore in a particularly threatening manner,” said the homeowner holding back the tears.

“Then they aggressively dived into the pool and then they began violently swimming up and down in the pool from end to end and riotously splashing and displacing water within the confines of the pool and that’s when the shock of the situation overcame me.

“I screamed and ran back to my house to tell my husband because once the frenzied swimming started, I didn’t know if I was going to come outta there alive.

“They were doing their swimming in front of everyone. They didn’t care if we saw them or not.

“It’s as if they got some sort of pleasure from the swimming as they laughed and joked while they did it.”

The frightened homeowner quickly got on the phone to the police who arrived within minutes to put a stop to the uncontrollable swimming before even worse swimming could occur.

“Thank heavens for the completely sane and level-headed approach taken by the McKinney police who dealt with the situation in their usual calm, collected demeanor,” said the homeowner.

“If they didn’t arrive who knows what might’ve happened. They could’ve continued swimming for the whole evening. And then what? More swimming perhaps.”

Police have issued a warning to locals who witness any swimming in their area to go home immediately, lock all doors and windows, dial 911 and keep well away from the swimmers until the police arrive.

Rumors circulating about racist overreacting have so far been unconfirmed, say the police, as the homeowner said she was completely sure that at no point throughout the ordeal did she notice the swimmers’ skin color.