Tarantino Wants To Ban Black People From Watching His Films

Quentin Tarantino

Poor, poor, Quentin.

Deluded film director Quentin Tarantino would like to ban black people from ever watching his films according to a press update from his publicist.

The monstrously-egotistical auteur, whose surname means donkey in Italian, says that blacks haven’t shown him the correct level of respect and haven’t properly recognized his genius which, he claims, is obvious to everyone else.

He was also concerned that black people aren’t grateful to him for all he’s done to highlight black culture and history with near-perfect accuracy.

Tarantino said: “After all I’ve done for these people they still don’t treat me like one of them.

“Why don’t they love me like white people do? Don’t they understand I’m the world’s greatest black director.

“I’ve earned my right to become an honorary black man and yet still they don’t accept me.”

Tarantino is currently trying to ensure all his films carry a ‘Not For Black Audiences’ warning but his endeavors are likely to fail because he doesn’t really understand how the film industry works.

He added: “All I ask is to say the N-word as much as I like and for them to treat me like a brother and stop questioning my choices. That’s all.”

Tarantino is now on the lookout for other races to fetishize as he says he’s had it with black people. He’s currently in talks with the people of Outer Mongolia, Portugal and East Timor to find out more about their culture for future films although his monumental ego is getting in the way of progress.