Screenwriter Helps Ferguson Police With Shooting Story


The police are preparing their statement on the incident.

A top Hollywood screenwriter was called in to assist the Ferguson police department with crafting a convincing story to justify the shooting of Michael Brown.

Oscar-winning writer Simon Dover, who specializes in police-based dramas, is working with the department to ensure a ‘plausible story that shows the police in the correct light’ when they testify during the investigation.

At the moment the police seem unable to provide a precise narrative of how the shooting of Michael Brown took place and in the absence of any video footage the police are at a loss as to explain what exactly happened. And that’s where Simon Dover steps in to provide his fiction-writing services.

Dover said: “I’ve written three different drafts for the police to choose from including Wilson fearing for his life because Micheal Brown fired first, Wilson dropping his gun on the concrete which then accidentally fires six times in the direction of Michael Brown and finally, Wilson getting his head bashed on the concrete then shooting Michael Brown in self-defense.”

Once the police selects a suitable story they will get to work ensuring the press get all the details so that the narrative is firmly under police control.

Police PR person Margaret Bobbins said: “The truth is essential in an investigation like this but there are many truths available and we want to use the one that works best for us. Sometimes it’s best to manipulate the current truth to reflect a greater truth. Or something like that.”

Dover’s previous works include hit films such as Blue Shirt Heroes, Full Force Of The Law, The Good Cops and providing storytelling services on the Trayvon Martin case.