Record Use Of N-Word Expected In New Tarantino Film


“I’m thinking of the word right now!”

“I reckon it’ll be heard about 2,000 times,” says Niles Wiley, the new Tarantino film’s Added Violence and N-word Adviser, as he estimates the number of times the N-word will be uttered in forthcoming western flick The Hateful Eight.

The film is currently in post-production as Tarantino adds the final N-words to the voiceover as well as more computer-generated blood splatter, disembodied limbs and exploding organs to the action sequences.

Tarantino’s enthusiastic use of the N-word has caused many to conclude that he might be in love with the word and that he can’t make a film without it.

The eagerly-awaited film has all the hallmarks of an N-word hate-fest including a post-civil war setting, an old white confederate general and a black former union soldier who will no doubt hate each other’s guts.

Niles Wiley worked on the film from the beginning and claims the first draft script contained roughly 10,000 instances of the offensive epithet, 4,000 less than was used in Django Unchained.

“When the original script was leaked it had more N-words than a Paula Deen family reunion and a Republican policy meeting combined,” said Wiley.

“Tarantino’s fans demand the word in all his films and many can’t enjoy his films without hearing it.

“If they don’t hear it at least 50 times a film they’re liable to shoot up the cinema.”

Tarantino is said to be working on a special director’s cut for DVD release containing extra N-words and more violence. This version will only be released to American audiences.