Racists, Morons And The Empty-Headed Show Strong Support For Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

“I don’t believe all this science nonsense.”

In a recent poll carried out by the University of Creative Studies research department, Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson polled strongly among hardline bigots, the dim-witted and the foolish it was revealed yesterday.

The retired neurosurgeon, sometimes known around DC circles as Uncle Ben, Crazy Carson or Dr. Death is attracting a huge following of cranks and simpletons who’re impressed with his political stances and nonsensical utterances particularly in relation to ‘those people’ whoever those people might be.

Arliss Bowls, a keen racist with a staggeringly low IQ is coming onboard. He said: “There was no way in hell I would vote for a black man but when I heard his views I had a change of heart.

“I do believe Ben will do all in his power to look after me and my people so he gets my vote.”

Kay Parriot, another equally deluded imbecile said: “Carson seems to be the most intelligent of all the candidates, especially his views on evolution which mirror mine exactly and I am quite keen on his views on abortion because God said so in the Bible. Or something like that.”

In related news, applications for jobs in brain surgery have surged among the feeble-minded who have discovered that if someone with Carson’s obvious inadequacies can reach the top of a very respected and difficult field there’s hope for everyone.