Rachel Dolezal Unmasked As Covert FBI Agent

The Unblack

She’s out to get your blackness!

‘Civil rights activist’ and race imposter Rachel Dolezal was today unmasked as a member of a covert FBI destabilization unit known as the Unblack whose aim is infiltrate the black community to destroy them from within, according to newly-released documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

The agents, who are highly-trained and genetically-modified at high temperatures in large vats of synthetic plasma, were sent to live and work alongside black people to foment chaos and promote insurrection enabling law enforcement officials to arrest and jail key community members and organizers leaving the black rights movement in disarray.

Unblack operatives were also tasked with stealing elements of new black culture including the latest words, phrases, fashions, music styles and anything else black that can be repackaged and marketed by huge multinational corporations who’ve paid millions to the FBI to find out the next big thing.

Genuine black person Professor Kenneth Longman warned the black community to be ever vigilant to the threat posed by the Unblack and he urges all 100% legitimate black people to be on the lookout.

“Anyone can be Unblack such as family members, colleagues, school friends and even your wives and husbands,” said the professor.

“Pay close attention to their bodies.

“The Unblack have special network sockets hidden behind their belly buttons which they plug into the Internet at night to upload encrypted black secrets to the FBI supercomputer.

“When they’re in the presence of white people they can revert their skin back to whiteness just like a chameleon so they can move among them undisturbed.

“But the most sinister Unblack trait is their defense mechanism. The more they’re questioned about their blackness, the more they defend it. It’s like a reflex action designed to keep them hidden in our midst.

“And you must never have sex with the Unblack because they can literally suck the blackness out of you and steal it for themselves. I’ve seen it happen.

“Make no mistake. The Unblack are among us. It could be anyone. Trust no one.”

The FBI have so far denied all knowledge of the Unblack program saying that they would never carry out such an evil deed against black people.