Queen Admits Hitler Did Pop Round For A Cup Of Tea Once Or Twice

The Queen

The Queen NOT with Hitler

A royal spokesman today revealed that murderous psychopath Adolf Hitler made secret visits to Buckingham Palace in 1933 for tea and scones with members of the royal family, some of whom were recently revealed to have ‘sieg heilled’ back in the thirties like a bunch of coked-up Chelsea supporters at a Spurs match.

According to the spokesman, the royals were ardent fans of Adolf’s pre-war antics and happily whiled away the hours discussing important topics of the day with him like immigration control, touring around Europe with friends and leather clothing for men.

Hitler was said to have admired Britain’s habit of invading other countries then murdering and subjugating their people. Sources close to Hitler at the time claim Britain gave him plenty of ideas for the future.

The Queen Mother, who described Hitler as ‘an adorable and delightful man with a great sense of diplomacy’ suggested he visit Poland for his holidays as the two countries shared a border. Hitler was apparently very enamored with this idea and he said he would indeed try and make it to Poland in a few years time.

The royal spokesman also said that Hitler was especially fond of the buns and cakes he was served at the palace with his favorites being Bakewell tart and cucumber sandwiches. He did, however, become violently enraged when he was served gypsy tart and salt beef bagels which he referred to as food that can’t be trusted and should be destroyed.

Royal sources say that the Queen is deeply embarrassed by the revelations. After talks with Prime Minister David Cameron, she assured the British public she will never get that close to a power-crazed, right wing demagogue ever again though she had nothing to say about Hitler.