Police On The Lookout For Dangerous Radical Calling Himself The Black Messiah

The Black Messiah

He might look something like this.

Police forces throughout the country are tonight on the lookout for the Black Messiah who may or may not be a revolutionary black nationalist and possible communist that might be planning to overthrow the government.

Surveillance officers currently monitoring online chatter and mobile telephone calls are convinced they’ve picked up information relating to this individual who seems to be generating a lot of interest among the black community which they describe as ‘disturbing and worrying’.

Police Captain Seamus Beazley said: “We believe this so-called Black Messiah is out to agitate and excite members of the black community into some sort of violent uprising against US law enforcement officials.

“I’ve never seen blacks so happy and so delirious. They keep talking about how they ‘really love’ the Black Messiah and how great it is to have him back. They’re mesmerized by this guy. He seems to have some power over them, especially the ladies.

“The online chatter suggests the Messiah was released on Monday, probably from jail, and is already winning the hearts and minds of blacks with his anti-establishment propaganda although we cannot confirm that.

“Using our sophisticated ‘intelligence’ techniques, we can ascertain that he leads a paramilitary group who call themselves the Vanguard and there’s even talk of 1,000 deaths so we’re not taking any chances.”

In response to the threat posed by the Black Messiah, armored assault vehicles are rolling into US towns and cities and police forces are preparing for action by equipping officers with a heavyweight arsenal of machine guns, stun grenades and RPGs.

The police captain warned his officers to approach the Messiah with caution.

Beazley said: “If you see the Black Messiah, do not engage him. Try and pursue him covertly until back-up is available.

“He’s clearly a powerful individual and seems to be able to work up the black community into a frenzy so inflaming the situation could result in chaos if we take any
hasty action. We may have to negotiate with him ‘till it’s done’.

“It’s preferable to apprehend him rather than to shoot wildly like we usually do although shooting wildly remains an option open to all police if they feel like it.

There’s no word on whether the Black Messiah is related to another notorious troublemaker Black Moses who was active in 1971 upon his release. He too still remains at large.