Patricia Arquette Diagnosed With Rare Disorder That Stops Her Seeing Women Of Color

Patricia Arquette

“I’m looking straight through you.”

Oscar winner Patricia Arquette has revealed she’s been diagnosed with a rare form of selective blindness called Overlook Syndrome which causes sufferers to completely bypass the achievements and solidarity of certain groups of people.

The symptoms of this terrible affliction include a total inability to acknowledge women of color and members of the LGBTQ community, a bloated and wildly inaccurate sense of having fought for other peoples’ rights and a happy-go-lucky avoidance of responsibility when causing offense.

Arquette discovered she was a carrier when she thought her maid had become invisible.

Dr. Heimlich Ramen of the University of Creative Knowledge Mentality Department said: “It’s a tough bug to get rid of. Many people have the disorder but don’t know they have it as it affects the brain and verbal communication systems.

“Sometimes sufferers blurt out utter drivel in the guise of advocacy during a moment of heightened stress and that’s when the disease is at its most dangerous.”

Nadine Wilkinson, chair of the Alabama Feminist Association who also suffers from the disease said: “I never see black, Hispanic or Asian women since I was diagnosed.

“I wish I could so they can thank me in person for all my hard work on their behalf.

“There’s so much more I want to teach them”.

Ms Wilkinson has set up a charity called OverSight to raise money to research a cure but the charity is in dire need of funds so she’s organizing a donation drive in her home town.

“We especially look forward to contributions from gays and people of color, said Wilkinson, “especially after all we’ve done for them”.

Image: By The Heart Truth [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons