Nice Police Officer Spotted In Harlem

Police officer

He looked something like this.

Scientists and paranormal investigators are examining reports today that a kind and decent police officer was last night seen helping a young black man in Harlem.

The police officer was seen talking to the man respectfully while displaying an unusual level of compassion and more astonishingly, didn’t slap, beat or shoot the man throughout the encounter.

The whole incident was witnessed by 76-year-old Harlem resident Wesley Henderson who said that he has seen many things in his long life but he’s never seen anything as strange as this.

Mr. Henderson said: “It was about ten in the evening when I was walking home from a friend’s place and I saw a police car pull up and this officer got out and went straight for this man who was looking a bit shaky on his feet.

“Then I couldn’t believe my eyes. He put his hand on the young man’s shoulder and began speaking to him politely as if he was talking to a white person. He calmed the man down and gave him some words of reassurance before writing down a couple of helpline numbers on a business card and patting the man on the back. It was surreal. Like watching The X-Files.”

Other people claimed they witnessed the same incident including Marcia Longman who was crossing the road when the police car pulled over.

Ms Longman said: “I had a couple of drinks but I wasn’t drunk or anything and I saw it with my own eyes. A cop actually helping a black man. Can you believe that? I expected at least a beatdown but this cop even shook his hand. I went home to lie down after that.”

Dr. Eugene Claremont, Chief Parapsychologist of the University of Creative Knowledge was skeptical however: “Sure, I’m willing to believe there may be nice police out there in Finland or Canada maybe. But in Harlem! That just stretches the boundaries of possibility to such an extreme level that it couldn’t possibly be true.”

Dr. Claremont checked with the NYPD to find out if such a person exists but when he called the local precinct, the desk sergeant laughed so hard he could hear him crying down the phone.

The file on this sighting will now be closed and filed in the ‘highly dubious but not unlikely’ section. It will stay closed until another sighting of a police officer helping a black man.