Napa Valley Wine Trains Introduce Racist Membership Scheme

Napa Valley Wine Train

All aboard the WHITE TRAIN!

After a successful two-week trial, Napa Valley Wine Trains will begin rolling out their new racist membership scheme which ensures that some of their hate-filled, scum-of-the-earth customers are given every opportunity to exercise their racism while sipping on delicious wines and enjoying the lush California scenery.

The knuckle-dragging, pig-ignorant racist tourist market is currently booming with huge profits to be made in plantation tours that barely mention slavery, Auschwitz tours where you can take selfies and African tribal tours where you can pat the locals on the head to make yourself feel superior.

Daniel Chugson, a senior travel writer said: “Racist tourism has huge potential and many companies are keen to get a slice of that lucrative market while racism is still alive and well and thriving.

“Racists have very specific needs about who they travel with, what type of music they listen to, what type of food they eat, that sort of thing and this lot would like to be the first tour company specifically catering to what racists want from their vacation time.

“Moving black people to the back of the train or even off the train entirely at the whim of some nasty, bigoted white woman who thinks she’s living in 1930s Mississippi should demonstrate just how far they are willing to go to please their racist customers.”

As part of the new service, racists on the bronze level membership will be able to change where they sit if they’re seated close to a black person. Silver level members can openly use racist language and gold level members can request that other races be removed from the train.

Platinum level members get to sit in an all-white carriage where they can enjoy the journey ‘color free’ while being served the finest wines by an all-white staff.

The Napa Valley Wine press team were unavailable for comment on their new membership service as they were all attending an exclusive, late-night outdoor ‘conference’ in a field somewhere in backwoods Louisiana.