Lewis Hamilton And Serena Williams Benefit From Affirmative Action Say Fox News

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams

The masters of their domain.

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have benefited unfairly from Affirmative Action according to Fox News pundit James McJames in a sharply-worded diatribe broadcast yesterday.

McJames, who could not contain his foaming-at-the-mouth disgust that they had each won at their respective sports last weekend, said: “I’m pretty sure Hamilton has a better car than the others because he’s a black Obama voter and that’s why they let him win at the Italian Grand Prix.

“His car probably has a jet engine or perhaps it’s remotely-controlled back at base by a more qualified white person.

“Just remember, every time Hamilton wins a race he’s taking food from the mouths of white children and it could be your child next.”

McJames went on to accuse Serena Williams, who won her 18th Grand Slam title at the weekend, of colluding with the tennis authorities to promote black supremacy by making poor Aryan white girls look like weaklings and rubbish tennis players.

McJames added: “This Williams girl is clearly receiving special treatment and I bet most of the points she won during the US Open final were wrongly given. Someone must’ve tampered with the computer. Or is the referee a Marxist lesbian?

“We need to level the playing field and make things fairer just like the good old days before Affirmative Action forced our sports to be dominated by blacks.”

McJames then went on to praise Ray Rice as a role model we should all try to emulate.

Images: Lewis Hamilton 280607 by Mathieu Felten.
Serena Williams (7105796277) by Александр Осипов.