KSU Adviser Possessed By Demon

KSU Adviser

She’s about to vomit!

Abby Dawson, the Kennesaw State University (KSU) adviser embroiled in a ‘harassment’ scandal is now thought to be possessed by a vicious 600-year-old demon known as Sabnock the Awful.

The demon causes the possessed to display hostility, rudeness and unpleasantness towards other humans for no apparent reason.

This particular malignant spirit can possess the host body for years before attempting to bring about the end of days by scowling a lot and speaking in an abrupt manner.

Jed Humphreys, a student at KSU, had a particularly chilling encounter with Dawson when he asked her the way to the library.

“I went up to her to ask her for directions and suddenly the temperature went from mild to freezing and I felt fear like I’ve never felt before.

“She threatened to call security if I didn’t fill out a ‘request for directions to the library’ form and then she growled like a demented primate before vomiting green liquid all over my face.

“If I remember correctly her head turned a full 360 degrees while she was vomiting and she sprayed the room.

“I transferred to another college after that.”

Dawson is currently on ‘administrative leave’ while having an exorcism performed to banish the wicked demon.

Authorities have warned her neighbors to keep small children and pets indoors until the all clear is given.