Justin Bieber Finally Comes Out

Justin Bieber

“Okay, you got me. I’m a racist.”

Justin Bieber finally came out as a racist today, a move widely expected by his fans, close friends and family.

In a written statement Bieber said: “I’ve been living a lie for years and the time has come for me to live out in the open. The fact is, I’m a racist and have been for as long as I can remember. My mother taught me that being a racist is everything to be ashamed of and that I should try and hide it for as long as possible. I have tried to hide it but the real me keeps leaking out so here I am saying that I am a racist and I’m proud to be a racist.

“Despite loving black music, black style and black cool and being supported by many black artists especially those who produced my records and signed me to lucrative recording contracts, I still deep down hate black people and I want to go on hating them. It’s what I want.

“I want to assure my fans that this changes nothing and I will still be producing the same black-styled music and still performing the same black-influenced dances as I did before. And yes, I do wish to continue using black people’s music to further my career despite detesting them as much as I do.

“I know my words will cause some people to hate me but I hope my fans, my real fans will understand the pain this has caused me and the long road I have taken to come to this point. I hope my white fans stick by me during this difficult time. My black fans can go to hell.

“Being a racist is no longer illegal. In fact it never was, so I am lucky I exist in a world where racists like me are allowed to continue functioning in society and at the highest levels of the entertainment industry.

“I just want to tell all my fans, except the black ones, that I hope to see them soon. Thank you and goodbye, Justin Bieber, racist.”

After reading the statement his publicist said that Justin is laying low for a while with other racists at his mansion, as far away from black people as possible, and he wishes to be left alone during this trying time.

Image: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com