José Mourinho Found Wandering London Streets In A Confused State

José Mourinho

“I want to run for President too.”

Under pressure Chelsea manager José Mourinho was discovered wandering the streets of Central London last night in a disheveled and disoriented state say police sources.

Mourinho, whose team is currently battling relegation in the bottom four of the the Premiership, was found mumbling incoherently and dressed only in his underpants while carrying a bottle of Sainsbury’s own brand whisky, a second-hand copy of Razzle with some pages missing and a motorbike helmet.

An unnamed passer-by who supports Manchester City and thus wants to remain unnamed came to Mourinho’s aid.

“He was in a right state and his eyeballs were rolling round his head like he was on drugs or something,” said the unnamed man.

“All he could say was how special he was and that Roman the Terrible is out to get him.

According to leaked reports, Mourinho has been suffering from delusions of grandeur and Narcissistic Personality Disorder since the season began and has suffered episodes before, during and after many of the matches he’s been involved in.

Chelsea officials say Mourinho is currently receiving treatment at a secret location which could involve having his massive ego surgically removed before he’s allowed back into polite society.

Doctors say Mourinho shouldn’t return to work too soon as next week’s defeat against Arsenal could send him over the top.