Idiot Vows Never To Visit The ‘Country’ Called Africa After Watching Beasts Of No Nation

Beasts Of No Nation


Millions of shit-for-brains morons throughout the world believe the new Netflix original movie Beasts Of No Nation is an accurate portrayal of the entire African continent, it was reported last night.

Among these fools, 41-year-old Kansas City resident David Logan stands out as one of the most ignorant as he proves that when it comes to understanding Africa, intelligence levels drop dramatically outside the continent.

Along with plenty of other ill-thought out bullshit about a place he insists on calling Darkest Africa, the cretin Logan said: “After watching that film last night I will never set foot in Africa.

“The place looks scary and they’ve been at war for hundreds of years and they’re all starving.

“It’s no wonder all those black Americans fled to become African Americans back in the old days.”

In addition to being unable to distinguish fact from fiction and believing any awful, half-baked ignorant crap served up for entertainment as completely true about black people everywhere, the jackass Logan thinks that Africa doesn’t have any technology.

The numbskull added: “How do they survive without the Internet? Do they have to come to Europe to check their Facebook page?

“And they have lions in the streets. That can’t be easy.”

Since watching the film the massive dickhead Logan was last seen checking Google for the capital of Africa although his search has thus far been futile but he doesn’t know why.

A friend who felt sorry for him lent him the classic text by Walter Rodney entitled How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, but dimwit Logan says he’d rather focus on his Tarzan books instead.