George Zimmerman Suffers Neck Injury From Watching His Back

George Zimmerman

American excuse. That’ll do nicely.

Chubby murderer George Zimmerman is receiving specialist treatment for a rare neck injury caused by having to watch his back to check for people eager to attack him.

Since he slaughtered an unarmed child, who may or may not have given the gutless loose cannon the beating of his pathetic life, Zimmerman has struggled to stay unharmed.

An ever-increasing list of normal individuals are lining up to beat the living daylights out of the bloated coward and his neck is feeling the strain.

Dr. Warren Beecker of the Medical Hospital Institute says that the affliction is most common in yellow-bellied instigators just like Zimmerman.

“Zimmerman’s case is not unusual,” said Beecker, “The pain he’s experiencing is directly linked to his feelings of fear and guilt for doing something despicably awful to another human being.

“His pain is most acute when he turns his ample, ball-like head which sits atop his rubbery, spineless frame to look for enemies creeping up behind him.”

Beecker also said that Zimmerman’s face has a huge punchability factor which exacerbates his illness.