Former Klansman David Dukes To Host Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live


After selecting Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, creator Lorne Michaels has decided to go even further and invite former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Dukes to host an episode this Christmas.

Michaels, impressed with the amount of press coverage created by choosing balding racist Donald Trump, hopes to get a further ratings boost by welcoming the aging white supremacist onto his show.

Michaels said: “In keeping with allowing racists to host I thought it would be neat to ask career racist David Dukes to liven things up a bit with his edgy take on American life.

“I expect his jokes to be unpopular with some, but given the amount of people likely to tune-in I really don’t give a damn as it’s all money in the bank baby.”

Dukes has asked that all Blacks, Hispanics and Jews be removed from the cast for his debut performance.

Removing Blacks and Jews from the cast will be tricky according to Michaels but removing Hispanics will be easier as Saturday Night Live does not have any Hispanic cast members as usual.

Other racists lined up to host Saturday Night Live in the new year include conservative Christian Pat Robertson, designer John Galliano and Mel Gibson.