Denmark To Start Robbing The Dead


Except in Denmark

After passing an Asylum Bill that allows Danish police to rifle through the belongings of incoming refugees to perform daylight robbery, the Danish government has now passed a law that allows authorities to open up coffins to search for anything that might be valuable.

The newly-ratified Grave Robbing Act will allow Danish authorities to dig up the festering corpses of the dead to remove anything worth selling from their rotting cadavers like Armani suits, Gucci shoes or even gold teeth.

Danish Member of Parliament Troels Knudsensen said: “Now that we’re pocketing the possessions of war-ravaged refugees who’ve traveled hundreds of miles to flee for their lives we thought it would be a good idea to start grabbing stuff from those who can’t fight back like the dead.

“Once we prize open the casket lid we rummage around their skeletons and strip them clean of anything worth having and then we sell it for cold hard cash.”

When asked if this is a step too far he replied: “We’ve sunk to an all-time low with the Asylum bill, why not dig a little deeper seeing as we’re down there.

“There really is no level we won’t stoop to.”

In addition to robbing graves and mugging refugees Denmark will soon pass legislation allowing them to seize goods and possessions from blind people because they can.