Racists Disappointed With Dear White People Movie

Dear White People

“This is not the film you’re looking for.”

An 86-year-old avowed racist got a shock when he attended an evening screening of the film Dear White People which tackles college racism from the point of view of a group of black and biracial students studying at a prestigious mainly-white college.

McNeal Dowery of Wilmington, Virginia thought the title of the film meant he was going to see ‘a teary-eyed tribute to the world’s greatest race’ and not the impassioned cinematic corrective to collegiate bigotry it turned out to be.

The increasingly-dumbfounded Dowery told reporters, “When I saw the title of this film I thought, finally, a love letter to God’s chosen people: white people. Instead all I got was a bunch of no-good uppity nigras talking back to me through the screen and telling me what to do.

“Now I don’t want to pay good money to hear these folk look down on me. If I wanted that I’d go and turn on the TV and watch that Muslim Obama spout his communist treason.

“Why can’t we go back to films like Gone With The Wind, Song Of The South, Tarzan and Birth Of A Nation? Now that’s what I call cinema.”

Another prejudiced buffoon, who attended the same screening, thought the film was a ‘filmic rhapsody in honor of Aryan superiority’.

Gladys Shamrock, 94, got the shock of her life when she realized the cinema was filled with ‘others’ as she so quaintly puts it.

Shamrock said: “As soon as I got in my seat, all the people surrounding me were not my type of folk if you get my drift.

“I headed straight outta there in case they start getting angry and you know what could happen then.”

Both senior citizens demanded their money back. The manager of the cinema instead offered both patrons tickets to another film that fulfills their need for white entertainment: Exodus – God and Kings.