Children Flee In Terror As CNBC Broadcast Shocking Program

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The man with the funny hair was the most frightening.

Thousands of irate parents bombarded CNBC with angry calls last night to complain about a live TV show broadcast yesterday evening which caused children to panic, flee in terror, vomit and experience the most terrifying nightmares.

Horrified parent Mary-Louise Fogarty said: “At first my kids thought it was a wacky Halloween prank but once they realized it was real they screamed, burst into tears and hid behind the sofa.

“Not only did they look hideous but once they opened their mouths they uttered the most bloodcurdling and chilling stuff that made the room go cold.

“It was as if a demonic presence came out of the screen with some really hateful, disgusting words that should not be allowed on TV ever.

“I often tune in to CNBC for incisive political commentary and up-to-the-minute business analysis but programming like this should carry a warning in future.

“I was really creeped out by what I saw. Please, please never show those people again.”

Other viewers reacted differently to the program. Many felt the show was embarrassing to watch and thought it was cruel to parade such clearly simple-minded and mentally-limited individuals on TV like a 19th century freakshow.

Henry Badger expressed similar thoughts: “How would you like it if one of these poor unfortunate people were your parents put on stage to be laughed at like some Victorian circus?

“They should be locked up in an institution where they can get the 24-hour treatment they so sorely need.

“Shame on you CNBC.”