Beyonce Added To Secret FBI Watch List For Blackness Display


Sounds of Blackness

Files leaked by Edward Snowden reveal that popular singer Beyonce was placed on a secret FBI watchlist after her stunning performance during this year’s Super Bowl half-time concert.

According to information documented in highly-classified memos, FBI operatives tasked with monitoring the show said ‘blackness levels rose to dangerous and unstable heights which could lead to an explosion of equality, fairness and justice’.

Blackness expert, Dr. Raymond Douglason watched the Super Bowl and believes the FBI should just sit themselves down.

Dr. Douglason said: “Beyonce displayed a refreshing lack of conformism combined with an unfettered, unflinching style of blackness that is simply magnificent and should be emulated by all young black women, everywhere.

“The FBI should wake up to the fact that the future looks black. Very black indeed.”

According to the leaked memos, on the night of the Super Bowl thousands of nervous whites called the authorities to report ‘seditious’ music being performed by a rebellious black woman speaking her mind.

This stoked fears within the FBI that other blacks could be encouraged to fight for completely reasonable demands such as freedom from police brutality and clean drinking water.

Dr. Douglason continued: “There really is nothing to fear. What we’re seeing is merely black people, for the first time in a long time, being themselves.

“And this is just the beginning.”