BBC Claims It Never Made A Program Called The Black And White Minstrel Show

The Black and White Misery Show

The Black and White Misery Show

The BBC have denied ever producing a hideously racist variety program called The Black and White Minstrel Show according to a press release published earlier today.

The claim was made in response to hundreds of UK-based bigots attempting to buy episodes of the hugely-popular show on the new BBC online store but were unable to do so as all traces of the show have been destroyed.

According to a secret source inside the corporation, all episodes in the BBC archive have been burned and staff have been told to deny that the respected broadcaster would ever stoop so low as to produce such a trashy and downright despicable program.

BBC Director General Tony Hall said: “I’ve never heard of such a program.
Are you sure it wasn’t another BBC perhaps, like the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation?

“You know what those Germans are like, or what about the Balkan Broadcasting Corporation?

“That lot don’t exactly love black people.”

The horribly racist show, which featured white men mocking black people by donning grotesque blackface while dancing in a crudely stereotypical fashion to songs from the American South, ran for a staggering 20 years ending in 1978 around the time the BBC discovered black people actually lived in England and had feelings.

The show managed viewing figures of up to 21 million per episode at the height of its run which was roughly half the country such was its popularity.

Hall continued to deny the show: “We at the BBC would never have done anything as racist as that despite what our chronic lack of diversity might indicate.

“Black people are always made to feel welcome here.”