Arizona Girls Invited To First Annual Republican Spelling Bee

Arizona girls

Look Ma, I’m famous!

Admitting they hoped some good would come of their antics, the Arizona students who spelled out the N-word on their T-shirts have been invited to take part in the Republican party’s first Annual Spelling Bee later this year.

The event is designed to bring young Republicans together to encourage them to strengthen their vocabularies by spelling words considered essential to the GOP cause.

A mother of one of the girls who refused to give her name lest she be thought of as a racist said: “I am so proud my girl. She represented the letter ‘I’ so well in that photo I only wish her great grand-daddy was alive to see this especially as it was his favorite word.”

Donald Trump also had nothing but praise to heap on the girls.

He said: “Their use of language succinctly gets to the heart of what we as Republicans want to say everyday but can’t because some of us are not as articulate as we would like to be.

“To reward these girls for being so committed to our cause I intend to mentor them individually in private on a one-to-one basis when Melania is away so I’m not disturbed.”

After the announcement the girls said they would celebrate with their families at a special meeting in the middle of the night in a forest somewhere.

Outsiders are not welcome.