Apple Includes Black Emojis In New Diversity Figures

Multi-racial emojis

Your phone is now diverse!

Saying it was a genuine mistake which occurred during the annual HR audit, Apple told reporters that their latest diversity report included a number of black emojis which might’ve come from a completely different audit due to a serious technical malfunction.

The company recently published their diversity report which claims they employed 2,200 black people in the past year, but upon closer inspection it turns out that they actually employed 22 black people as temporary cleaning staff and dishwashers who toil away in the background hidden from public view.

Apple HR executive Miriam Handham said the number of people using black emojis and the number of new black employees were erroneously combined due to a computer error in the accounts department.

Handham said: “This was merely an unfortunate mishap and in no way did we try and mislead the public about the number of black people we employ.

“Sure, as a company that’s existed for nearly 40 years, we’ve previously made very little effort to employ black people, but we are now committed to inclusion.

“And it has nothing to do with our bottom line or our public image. We really do want to employ black people. Honest.”

Apple hope to increase their black employee numbers by checking the DNA of existing employees for any trace of African ancestry. These people will then be considered black on next year’s report.