Angry Black Women Led By Shonda Rhimes Terrorize Hollywood

Shonda Rhimes

Look at the anger on her face.

A gang of menacingly-beautiful, angry black women is currently terrorizing Hollywood by acting in and producing several top-rated TV dramas which have so far raked in millions of dollars.

Dozens of weak-willed, lily-livered white women were seen screaming in shock and running for their pretty, little lives when the so-called Shondaland gang entered an upscale LA restaurant to have what they referred to in angry black-speak as a ‘light lunch’.

Key members including Olivia Pope, Viola Davis, Dr. Miranda Bailey, Kerry Washington together with gang leader Shonda Rhimes then proceeded to eat a selection of angry black woman favorites such as salmon in a plum vinaigrette dressing and lobster with avocado puree.

Delilah Merquand, one of Hollywood’s real white housewives who was lunching at the same restaurant, said: “Although they conversed and ordered their food in a calm and quiet manner it sounded to me like they were going on one of their rants even though I couldn’t hear anything because I was seated too far away.

“But despite smiling and laughing gently it was obvious that they were seething with anger and could assert themselves at any time.

“Why can’t they be sweet and passive like that Rosie O’Donnell or Roseanne Barr instead of flaunting their untamed sexuality for all the world to see.”

Police have since warned members of the public that if they see a group of black women acting normally and being highly successful they should call 911 immediately.

Officer Beazley Bennett of the LAPD said: “Since they moved into this area they’ve hooked millions of innocent Americans on their ‘product’ pushed through a variety of ‘channels’ and they seem to be getting bigger. Who knows where this will end?”

Reports of a group of selfish, untalented and emaciated white women attempting to muscle in on their territory have so far proved unfounded.

Image: Greg Hernandez from California, CA, USA (P1050236), via Wikimedia Commons