10 Additional Black History Months Announced

Black History Month

Even more Black History !

The Guardians of Black History have agreed that one month is far too short a time to cover the mammoth breadth of Black existence and will therefore introduce a whole raft of new Black History months so that due attention is paid to all aspects and achievements of Black life.

Professor Martin Temple, Head of Black History at the University of Creative Studies said: “We’ve added Black Women’s History Month in March because of the huge contribution to Black life made by Black women throughout the centuries.”

“In April, we’ll mark Black European History Month to shine a light on the colorful and poignant history of Black people in countries such as England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Belgium to name but a few.

“After that Black Music History Month takes place in May to highlight our staggering and immeasurable contribution to music.

“Straight after that, June will now be Black History of Slavery Month because over 300 years of Black enslavement really needs to be looked at in detail.

“And then we move into July with Black History Of Africa Month which, let’s face it, is worthy of much more than a month but we’ll start with that for now.

“Immediately succeeding that month, we will move onto Black Religious History Month in August to celebrate our fantastic tradition of prayer including religions such as Candomblé, Santería, Ifá, Umbanda and our assorted Christian-based faith systems.

“Black Science History Month in September will focus on our tremendous scientific ingenuity like inventing the gas mask, the present-day elevator design, the carbon-filament light bulb and the modern traffic light.

“October will now become Black Sports History Month when we look back at the pioneers of Black physical achievement who made a massive contribution to today’s sporting landscape.

“Black Literature History Month in November will shed much-needed light on unsung heroes like Phillis Wheatley, Octavia E. Butler and Jessie Fauset.

“And finally in December, Black Art History Month focuses on our rich artistic and architectural traditions and the depictions of Blacks in Western art through the ages.”

After the announcement, Professor Temple was asked why he left out January as he has 11 months covered.

The professor said: “We’re not greedy. We’re just giving Black history its long overdue respect.

“We wouldn’t want to hog a whole year. Who on Earth would be so selfish to do such a thing?”