10 New Opinions From The Whiteness Project

White woman

“Is this being recorded? I want it off the record!”

The Whiteness Project, a new PBS documentary, caused a storm of controversy when aired as America realized  things are worse than they thought regarding race relations. Many of the white people interviewed hold beliefs that can only be described as staggering.

The responses range from utter wrongheadedness to total nonsense. Here’s a selection you may not have heard:

“I see no color. All people are the same to me. As long as one of them doesn’t move in next door.”

John Frizzman, Postman, Alabama

“Us white folk barely control anything these days. We went from 100% total control to a measly 95%. We’re the ones suffering now.”

Jed Cunningham, Stock Broker, New York

“I don’t have a racist bone in my body apart from the bones in my hand and that’s the hand I shoot with.”

Henry Friedkin, Police Officer, Ohio

“If President Obama can make it to the white house then that must prove we’re in a post-racial era of hard work and equal opportunities. Having said that I think he only made it because of Affirmative Action.”

Professor Elmer Wainwright, Michigan

“Blacks keep going on about slavery as if it was something bad. They should be pleased that we let them make a contribution.”

Sally Burchill, Accountant, California

“When I’m at work black men look at me like they want to have sex with me and I don’t like it. I’m a stripper by the way.”

Christine Numbly, Lapdancer, Missouri

“Apart from being a part of the richest, most dominant group in the country with by far the most opportunities at our disposal, I can’t say I’ve benefited from white privilege in any way. “

Mary Fagen, Unemployed, Louisiana

“Sometimes I wish I were black so that I can get all the benefits and special treatment they get. Like all the attention they get from the police.”

Holly Frankenheimer, Secretary, Arizona

“Blacks want money without working for it. Of course they worked for 247 years without any pay but that’s beside the point.”

James Purley, Lift Engineer, Alaska

“Isn’t it time for blacks to obey the law like other minority groups? What about Italians, Russians, Saudis and the Irish. They wouldn’t dream of being involved in crime.”

Justin Welby, Judge, Kentucky