10 Black Reactions To The Justin Bieber Controversy


“Send him back to Canada via AFRICA!”

The Justin Bieber racism controversy is getting worse with the release of yet another tape of ugly comments. Blacks wasted no time in condemning the little creep and most opinions were damning with a couple of exceptions. Here’s a selection of the most interesting responses:

“Does that mean I have to burn my Bieber records? Oh wait, I don’t have any because they’re crap.”

Sandra Adebambo, Waitress

“I really hope someone finds a cure for this boy’s racism. If he comes down to our neighborhood, I’m pretty sure we’ll find a way to cure him.”

Jerry ‘The Butcher’ Jerkins, Security Guard

“He’s now the klan’s most famous member. I guess every group needs their poster boy.”

Johnny Westinghouse, Executive

“Not only will his dumb fans stick by him, but he’ll probably gain millions of new even dumber ones. I do mean racists by the way.”

Maggie Jackson, Hairdresser

“Blacks are to blame for this. Yes that’s right, hip-hop and blacks caused it.”

Don Lemon, Person

“I hear he’s just apologized for the second racist video. But what happens when he has to apologize for the tenth video or the twentieth? Will we still forgive him then?”

Frederick Hartman, Pastor

“I bet there’s a video of Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke saying even worse stuff about black people. You wait and see.”

Dante Smith, DJ

“Why is the media going easy on this guy when they destroyed Paula Deen? Oh I get it. She’s a woman.”

Marcia Kelner, Lecturer

“Is there any video of him saying something nice about us for a change?”

Freddy Marcus, Laywer

“Black people should lay off Justin, just like white people would if it was the other way round.”

Clarence Thomas, Sex Pest