White Supremacy Wins Despite Controversy

White horse

“Move over because I expect to win.”

An action-packed day at Kentucky culminated in a heart-stopping finale when odds-on favorite White Supremacy retained the Century Cup in stunning fashion for trainer and owner Charles Lynch and jockey James Crow.

White Supremacy went in as the pre-race favorite and he didn’t disappoint with a commanding performance right from the start.

The graceful white colt’s triumph, however, was overshadowed by controversy regarding complaints made by the other riders about underhand tactics and possible cheating.

Jockey James Crow was more than pleased with the race: “He performed brilliantly today. It’s a really great feeling riding on the back of White Supremacy. It makes you feel invincible, like nothing can stop you. There’s a feeling of entitlement that you know you should win and because of the support I get from the rest of the team, everything is geared up for victory. I simply cannot fail.”

Trainer Charles Lynch, of the well-heeled Lynch dynasty, said: “The strategy we used was designed to win the race. We played hard and we won because we’re the best.”

White Supremacy doesn’t appear to have any particular natural advantages over the other horses so why did he win so spectacularly when some of the other horses have been far more impressive in other races?

Lynch responded: “It’s all down to the genes. We choose only the most dominant thoroughbreds when breeding to produce a horse that’s naturally pure and strong and that’s why White Supremacy leads the way. Well, that and the vast amounts of money at our disposal.”

But the other riders were not so happy and some riders made allegations about White Supremacy’s vicious tactics.

Darryl Washington riding The Black Star said: “That horse deserves nothing. White Supremacy kicked and blocked me the whole time and he put me off to the extent that I just couldn’t get into my stride.

“The Black Star has immense potential but once again White Supremacy thwarted any chances we had of winning. I made complaints in previous races but nothing seems to change. I’m pushed to my limits now so I might have to take some direct action if you know what I mean.”

The replays do show that the winner ran an unusually aggressive race using bold and determined methods to maintain its lead but Charles Lynch remains upbeat despite the allegations.

In his winning speech he said: “White Supremacy is so majestic and so perfect in every way. I believe White Supremacy can go on a very long time and dominate all races for years to come.”

UPDATE: After a steward’s inquiry it was proved definitively that White Supremacy did cheat and commit multiple infractions against the other runners including sabotage, threats and physical intimidation. After careful deliberation, however, the stewards decided not to take things further and the result stands with White Supremacy still the outright winner.

Image: Racheal Grazias / Shutterstock.com