Survey: Many Americans Not Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Black Christmas

I’m dreaming of this Christmas!

Contrary to the sentiment expressed in the popular Bing Crosby song, many Americans are not dreaming of a white Christmas as was previously thought and would much prefer a black one instead according to a survey carried out online.

According to the survey, black people were overwhelmingly in favor of a Black Christmas and would no way countenance having a white Christmas anytime soon.

Jason Manley, a black NYU undergraduate explains how he feels about Christmas: “I want my Christmas to be bigger, badder, blacker and deffer than ever and so shall it ever be so help me God. Amen”

Many white people, however, in America and across Europe have defiantly said they will under no circumstances be dreaming of a Black Christmas and that they will fight tooth and nail to keep this year’s Christmas and all future Christmases as white as can be although some whites welcome a blacker Christmas.

Sarah Chancer, a white Christmas lover was eager to try something new: “A black Christmas sounds like something new and I like to be adventurous.

“I’m not sure what a Black Christmas is but I like the sound of it so I will be dreaming of one tonight.

But not everyone is happy. Fox News is unimpressed with the idea of a Black Christmas and says Christmas should remain white as both Jesus and God are white men with blue eyes because it says so in the Bible somewhere.