Police Still Remain Un-Fucked Up 27 Years Since The Release Of ‘Fuck Tha Police’


Still not fucked up.

Despite providing black people with a musical clarion call against racist police harassment, the ground-breaking NWA track ‘Fuck Tha Police’ has manifestly failed to get police fucked up since it was released 27 years ago.

DeMarcus Walliams, who purchased the album ‘Straight Outta Compton’ which contained the track back in 1988, expressed his disappointment.

“I was hoping someone would’ve totally fucked up the police by now or even moderately fuck ‘em up or even fuck ‘em up just a little bit,” said Walliams, “But as far as I can see they remain resolutely un-fucked up at present.

“They seem completely un-fuck-up-able and given their horrendous behavior, that ain’t right.

In the 27 years since the release of the album, the police have continued their reprehensible treatment of black people and the distinct lack of accountability for their actions makes the NWA track just as relevant, if not more relevant than before.

Walliams continued: “I really enjoyed that NWA tune and I hoped it would usher in a glorious new wave of police getting fucked up but oh, how naive I was.

“The police are always fucking up but no one has as yet fucked them up.

“Not the people, not the government, no one.”