FX To Broadcast The People V. O.J. Simpson Directors’ Cut With Alternate Ending

OJAfter receiving hundreds of complaints from irate white viewers about the unsatisfactory episode that concluded The People v. O.J. Simpson, FX have responded by scheduling a new Directors’ Cut version with an alternate ending.

The new ending sees O.J. receive a guilty verdict for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. O.J. is then swiftly sentenced to death by electrocution before being shipped off to Virginia where his grisly demise is held in a local square with hundreds of Southern townsfolk and their children in attendance.

Head of the newly-created FX Racial Targeting Division, Simon Bludgeon said: “Our post-broadcast focus group sessions indicate that many whites wanted a different ending to the one that really happened so in an effort to please our viewers, we’ve given them exactly what they want: an ending they can be proud of.”

Not all viewers of the Directors’ Cut will see the new alternate ending, however, as it will be broadcast using the new Racial Reconciliation software which can show different outcomes based on the race of the viewer.

Using special technology developed in partnership with Facebook, nano-electrons in the TV screen can detect the skin color of the viewer and deliver the most desirable outcome based on race.

Bludgeon continued: “This is just the beginning. After we show the O.J. Directors’ Cut there’ll be no stopping us.

“We’ll soon be rolling out upgrades to the software which can change the outcome of sporting events and even adjust the news to suit your racial bias.”

Viewers can expect other TV companies to get onboard with new racially-adjusted alternate endings being added to the Roots reboot, Selma and reruns of The Cosby Show.