‘Star Wars Movie Infiltrated By ISIS’ Says Trump

Star Wars

Captain Jihad

“I have a bad feeling about this” said Donald Trump about the latest Star Wars movie which he claims contains subliminal messages aimed at radicalizing and corrupting young American minds.

The laughably-coiffured presidential candidate said the film must be withdrawn immediately as it could have a devastating effect on the national psyche and may let ISIS into our homes through the back door.

Trump said: “The clues are there if you look hard enough and they’re subtly working on you, eating away at your Christian values with sophisticated Muslimification techniques developed in a hi-tech Iraqi laboratory.

“You have a desert setting with a rag-tag group of ‘resistance fighters’ trying to defeat the so-called evil first order look like the good guys to me. If that isn’t an allegory for ISIS v the US I don’t know what is.

“And it was shot in Tunisia or Morocco or somewhere like that.

“And the Millennium Falcon is another clue. Falcons are very popular in Iran you know.

“And you know that John Boyega’s parents are from Nigeria. Who else do you think is from there? Boko Haram! I rest my case.”

After the strange comments Trump was immediately condemned by other politicians for needlessly whipping up hatred for no good reason.

Trump said he found their lack of Islamophobia disturbing.