Black Man In Two Minds About Ray Rice Affair

Ray Rice

To some he’s worse than Satan.

Jason McKenzie, a black man from Detroit, Michigan, is in two minds about the Ray and Janel Rice domestic abuse incident.

On the one hand he condemns Rice in no uncertain terms for being a cowardly, violent abuser who deserves to be punished for his actions but on the other hand he finds it hard to condemn him in front of his white co-workers who are piling on their hate for Rice with the kind of zeal usually seen at Walmart on Black Friday.

McKenzie said: “Don’t get me wrong, I believe Rice is a big-time loser for punching his wife and dragging her body out of the lift like Freddy Krueger, but I get the nagging feeling that because of Rice’s actions all black men will suffer and that’s not right.

“Some white people I know are so enthusiastic to lash out at Rice it’s like they’re at a public lynching. They really enjoy this whole thing and they can’t stop talking about it.”

McKenzie continued: “Where’s the outrage for those scumbags Darren Brown or George Zimmerman or that punk kid who killed four people while driving drunk or even the Alabama Judge who beat his wife yet gets his record ‘cleaned’ and is still a judge?

Paul Warren, one of James McKenzie’s white colleagues said: “Ray Rice is a thug who’s worse than Hitler and should be locked up for the rest of his life if not burned at the stake like a witch. If I had a gun I’d shoot him. I have no opinion on Darren Wilson though. He’s probably in a lot of pain right now.”

McKenzie eventually came to the decision that he’ll join in with condemning the violent act perpetrated by Ray Rice among his black friends but he won’t do it in front of the white ones lest they start jumping up and down like they’re at an Apple product launch.

Image: Wallstreethotrod [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons