Border Wall Built Around Donald Trump



The American people have overwhelmingly given their support to Donald Trump’s border wall idea but have decided it would be better if the wall was built to contain Donald Trump instead of keeping out illegal immigrants.

The 30ft-high circular wall, manufactured in Mexico, will completely enclose the follically-challenged ‘politician’ thus preventing him from appearing anywhere outside the wall to foul up the air with his filthy and poisonous mouth.

Maria Longman, Head of US Immigration, is leading the border wall program.

“Containing Trump in this manner means creating a new independent sovereign state and this state shall henceforth be known as Trumponia,” said Longman.

“We’ll give him a special passport for the new state which will entitle him to full global travel except for anywhere within the United States although many countries are expected to ban him from setting foot on their soil except for Syria and Mexico who are keen to show him some of their local hospitality.

“At least that’s what they said.”

Once Trump is moved to Trumponia, his wife will not be joining him as she says she needs to stay behind to tend to Trump’s fortune which he will have difficulty accessing as there are no banks in Trumponia. She appears to be happy with this arrangement. Very happy.

Trump will be allowed into America once a year for medical treatment like having additional hair transplants and intensive counseling sessions for his paranoid delusions.

Trump was last seen being escorted by armed guards to the border wall gates. He was carrying his cherished autographed copy of Mein Kampf.